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«AS-185 - the 2nd most wanted island group of the IOTA program in Asia»

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Information about Côn Có DXpedition 2010

« Dear DXers and friends of ham radio,

A month ago we returned from our great adventure – tired but happy. But our work is by no means yet complete; there are a great many loose ends to tie up before we can officially wrap up the DXpedition. A few of the most important among them are: cleaning/checking/returning material loaned out to us, writing various final reports and articles, and – what many of you are anxiously waiting for – the printing and distribution of the QSL cards. Here on our website we'll keep you informed of key milestones as we make progress on these and more. In the meantime, the team thanks all those who have supported 3W6C in countless ways with their advice and assistance.
Vy 73 de Hans-Peter, HB9BXE, 3W6C Team Leader (May 2010)  »


3W6C news from our News Board:

26.02.2011 00:43 • Background Information
   Article about the 3W6C DXpedition in "Funkamateur"

The February 2011 issue of "Funkamateur", a German amateur radio journal, contains a 3-page report about the 3W6C DXpedition (in German).

24.01.2011 23:58 • General Information
   eQSLs and LoTW completes 3W6C QSLing

The distribution of QSLs for the 3W6C DXpedition is now complete. We recently responded to all requests for electronic QSLs through Logbook of the World and through eQSL.cc. We thank you for your patience in allowing us to respond to the many thousands of requests we received, and we hope we were able to give many of you "a new one".

04.01.2011 08:40 • Background Information
   Article about the 3W6C DXpedition in QST

The January 2011 issue of QST, the journal of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), contains a 3-page report about the 3W6C DXpedition (pages 66-68). Co-authored by Team Leader Hans-Peter HB9BXE and team member Paul AA1MI/HB9DST, it provides an interesting summary of our activities and several attractive photos. Click here to read the article.

29.07.2010 00:53 • General Information
   3W6C QSL Service: Phase 1 complete

We have responded to all those who sent their QSLs direct. QSL Manager Leo, HB9DWL, mailed more than 1000 letters around the world. Letters received with insufficient return postage or expired IRCs were QSL'd via the bureau. Following our return from Vietnam, we corrected various errors that arose when entering QSO data. The Club Log on the Internet will be updated at the end of July 2010. We will keep you informed on our website about the latest status of QSL distribution.

28.06.2010 18:28 • Background Information
   "Amateur Radio visiting Con Co Island"

Coverage of the 3W6C DXpedition in the Vietnamese technical press.

10.06.2010 19:10 • General Information
   3W6C valid for DXCC and IOTA

Bill Moore, NC1L, Awards Branch Manager at the ARRL, has informed our team organizers that the 3W6C DXpedition will be recognized for the DXCC award; specifically, 3W6C is good for Vietnam (XV). In addition, Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager, has added 3W6C to the list of operations accepted for credit for the IOTA Programme.

04.05.2010 14:40 • General Information
   Reduced Operations for 3W6C: Events and Consequences

The 3W6C DXpedition to Con Co Island did not take the course we had expected, and to our great disappointment we were able to make far fewer contacts than planned. The primary reason is that we encountered some unexpected reluctance on the part of the Vietnamese military to let us conduct an operation on the scale we had wanted.


26.04.2010 12:51 • Report from Vietnam
   Back on the mainland

Following a boat ride that was more pleasant and safe than during the trip to the island, the team returned to the mainland at Dong Ha harbor. Michal XV9DX, Eddy XV1X, Torsten XV9TH along with his XYL Quynh Huong all said their good-byes.

19.04.2010 06:24 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #8: 3W6C wraps up its operations

We are now QRT, and preparations begin for our return to the mainland. A short ceremony with the local officials takes place this afternoon. We look forward to returning home.

18.04.2010 10:29 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #7: Everyday life on Con Co Island (contd.)

Providing training for two Vietnamese radio amateurs: Bac Ai XV2A and Huy XV2B.

17.04.2010 17:50 • Report from Vietnam
   An (a)typical operating shift

Sometimes when our signal drops out suddenly, there are things going on behind the scenes that are not obvious at your end. Here’s a description of an eventful operating shift.

17.04.2010 16:42 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #6: Everyday life on Con Co Island (contd.)

The team members keep themselves busy with various tasks. We start RTTY operation on 30m from the Guest House.

16.04.2010 13:21 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #5: Everyday life on Con Co Island (contd.)

Daily life and vegetation on the island – At an 8 a.m. meeting we get the official word: we can no longer operate from Site 2 (CW) and Site 3 (SSB) – We get some bad news: by dusk, we must remove all our antennas from the originally planned CW and SSB sites. A few team members work extremely hard to get this done by the deadline.

15.04.2010 15:08 • Operating
   Satellites: Giving AO-51 a try on Friday April 16

Hans-Peter, HB9BXE, announces being QRV on the AO-51 pass of tomorrow April 16 at 22:02:21 UTC. The locator OK37QD won't be communicated to save time. The pass will last approximately 15 minutes on the island with a fine elevation of 75 degrees. See the Satellite section on the Frequencies page on our web site for sat details.

14.04.2010 12:54 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #4: The Swiss 3W6C team overcomes its temporary grounding

Moving the 40m vertical to the HQ site. (HB9BSH)

Although not using its full facilities, the 3W6C DXpedition is back on the air after a 24-hour break. We are QRV on all bands from 10m through 40m.

14.04.2010 11:34 • Operating
   3W6C is back on the air again

The 3W6C team is QRV again since 0500 UTC. Team Leader Hans-Peter, HB9BXE, reports on the new situation.

13.04.2010 14:31 • Operating
   BREAKING NEWS: 3W6C is temporarily QRT

[UPDATED] Due to security political reasons on the island, the 3W6C team is temporarily QRT. The team hopes for a soon and good solution. Team leader HB9BXE hopes being QRV again on April 14, 1200 UTC, probably with reduced equipment, and thanks for your understanding. See News Boards on our web site and Twitter later on for the news. The team on the island is safe and sound and not restricted.

13.04.2010 10:54 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #3: Everyday life on Con Co Island

Erecting the 40m SSB 4 square antenna. (HB9BSH)

The team has started everyday life on the island. A stony ground on the beaches made the antenna erecting difficult and time consuming. The local authorities visited the sites on Monday.

11.04.2010 23:46 • Operating
   The story of the "lost QSOs"

Some DXers have reported that they can't find their QSO(s) in Club Log. Please be aware that we cannot feed Club Log continuously, due to difficult connectivity on the island. Allow us 30 hours for the upload of your QSO, and call only later for QSO issues (but then with full details). Check Twitter for streaming news.

11.04.2010 11:30 • Operating
   14205 kHz is the new frequency for 20 m SSB

Team Leader Hans-Peter, HB9BXE, has announced a new operating frequency for 20 m SSB. It is 15 kHz lower, since the former Rx frequency band had caused interference with the SSTV portion of the band. We wish good DX on 20!

09.04.2010 20:56 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #2: Reaching the island of our dreams

Team and freight on their transfer to Con Co Island. (HB9BSH)

After an interesting boat ride, today we finally stepped foot on Con Co Island and started setting up our shacks and equipment. But there’s much more work to be done.

07.04.2010 19:13 • Report from Vietnam
   Report #1: Setting out for a hot time in Vietnam

Enjoying a special menu with the local radio amateurs. (HB9BSH)

After 18 hours of traveling, the 3W6C crew was met by Bac Ai, XV2A, at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City. The day wrapped up with a pleasant dinner meeting with the local Vietnamese hams. Preparations continue during the following day in Dong Ha.

24.02.2010 08:19 • Press Releases
   Press Release #5: Departure fast approaching

In the remaining time before we depart in early April, we are completing our team, gathering all the final pieces of equipment and trying to anticipate all the many details that must be checked off the list. There's still plenty of work left to do before we board the A380 to Singapore.

27.12.2009 12:09 • Press Releases
   Press Release #4: Equipment on the move

The 3W6C team has started the time-consuming task of gathering and packing the equipment that will be needed for the DXpedition. We have also gained experience in erecting and tuning the 4-square antennas. The first freight shipment has successfully made its way to Vietnam. In the next two months we will gather everything else we need and ship it so it is waiting for us when we make the trip in April.

24.12.2009 16:13 • Sponsoring
   Support 3W6C – with equipment loans and donations

In order to ensure the success of the DXpedition to Côn Có Island, extensive preparations are necessary with regards to materials. We are grateful that so many hams have shown their willingness to support us with equipment loans and donations. In specific terms, we are still looking for antennas, transceivers and amplifiers.

20.11.2009 20:18 • Press Releases
   Press release #3: Elaborate antennas

One focus of the 3W6C DXpedition will be low-band operation, and for this we will be erecting some high-performance antennas including several 4-squares. These, along with excellent conditions at the DXpedition site, will allow us to maximize the number of 80m/160m QSOs we can make, exciting low-band DXers around the world.

17.10.2009 12:50 • Press Releases
   Press Release #2: Successful scouting!

Team Leader Hans-Peter HB9BXE recently traveled to Vietnam and along with local members of the team braved a typhoon to visit Con Co Island. There they met with island officials and did a site survey – which shows that we have plenty of room for low-band antennas and should be able to erect them to favor operation towards the US and Europe.

15.09.2009 18:04 • Press Releases
   Press Release #1: 3W6C DXpedition is issued license

The official 3W6C logo.

Press Release #1 sets the official starting point for our information activities on the amateur radio expedition to the Côn Có Island to be conducted in April 2010. Regular press releases and other information on specific topics will keep you up to date about our preparations. Subscribe to the RSS feed on our website to keep in touch with 3W6C.

25.06.2009 20:40 • Sponsoring
   «Go for Côn Có!» in 2010: Information for our sponsors

DXer's world at Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen.

We've set some ambitious goals for ourselves: an in-demand DXCC country, a much sought-after island group in the IOTA program, low-band DX. Except that we can't accomplish all this just with our own financial resources. The Ham Radio convention in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 26 to 28 June 2009 was the kickoff for our search for sponsors - where we provided the initial information about our plans for activating Côn Có in 2010.

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3W6C Team

A large group of operators from Switzerland, Germany, Vietnam, USA, Brazil and Japan will be active from Côn Có, led by Hans-Peter Blättler, HB9BXE. Read more . . .

WLOTA Number #2557 on Côn Có

According to the "World Lighthouse On The Air" Program, there is a lighthouse on Côn Có Island that is valid for WLOTA awards. We have been informed that QSOs with 3W6C will be valid for WLOTA #2557 after receipt of validation. Read more on the WLOTA program on their web site.

3W6C Côn Có counts for IOTA  AS-185 . . .

IOTA – The Islands on the Air Program


The IOTA program is an alternative to the DXCC challenge. Who among you has not yet dreamt at least once of a small island with palm lined beaches? The RSGB's IOTA program lets you collect them just from your shack! More . . .

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